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Formicarium "Tetraponera"
  • Formicarium "Tetraponera"
  • Formicarium "Tetraponera"
  • Formicarium "Tetraponera"

Formicarium "Tetraponera"

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A free Messor barbarus foundation with the purchase of a formicarium

25x15cm glass formicarium, polycarbonate machined anti-escape lid, bamboo panel nest (food quality) decoration, volcanic rock, peat, sand, stones...


This formicarium as its name suggests was originally designed specifically for the maintenance of the species Tetraponera rufonigra infertile to bamboo and hollow stems

in their biotope, but it may be suitable for other species with the same needs!

The nest is machined in a bamboo panel and has no humidification system so it will be suitable for xerophile species like some camponotus ,

crematogaster, cataglyphis ...

Like the reconstructed stone nest, the Tetraponera bamboo nest has two entrances!

The first gives access to three rooms only for the maintenance of a young colony!

The second gives access to the rest of the nest can be condemned while your young colony grows!

Quickly it will be necessary to add one or more hunting areas to your colony to facilitate maintenance!

That's why the lid is already pierced by two holes 16mm in diameter with a cap, all you have to do is choose your hunting area!

This nest is totally dry, it will be necessary to leave at least one trough constantly supplied in the hunting area!

The quality stainless steel lid and grille are quite resistant to the formidable mandibles of tetraponeras and their climbing skills...