Formicarium "Desert"
  • Formicarium "Desert"
  • Formicarium "Desert"
  • Formicarium "Desert"

Formicarium "Desert"

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Formicarium glass 25x15x15cm reconstructed stone nest with humidification system, reconstructed stone decoration and decorative pebbles

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Formicarium with nest and reconstructed stone floor, the nest is equipped with two entrances; the first gives access to three bedrooms only, the second gives access to the rest of the nest! This particularity allows you to evolve the living space according to the development of your colony, it is enough at first to condemn the second door with a cap!
The vertical tube is intended to moisten the nest, fill the rainwater at regular intervals according to the needs of the maintained species!
Use only rainwater or distilled water to prevent limestone from blocking the porosity of the reconstructed stone
The formicarium's anti-escape lid is pierced with a 16mm connection hole with a cap, which makes it easy to connect an additional hunting area or even another nest if the first one is filled!
This nest is suitable for the vast majority of species kept in captivity!

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