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Hunting area
  • Hunting area
  • Hunting area

Hunting area

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Glass hunting area 25x15x15cm polycarbonate machined anti-escape cover, decoration attached to 16mm 2x connective resin


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Hunting area matched to our formicariums the decoration on the ground is fixed with resin and therefore unmovable by the ants, models with a soil covered with peat can be moss plants and small plants if we moisten it two to three times a week!
Once the vegetation has developed, it is also possible to introduce strains of decomposers, such as beetles and collemboles, they will feed on the waste left by the ants in the moss carpet and serve as prey to the colony!

Enough to reconstruct a very realistic microcosm!

The well-known java foam of aquarists gives excellent results!

The anti-escape and pierce lid of two 16mm connection

2 x 50cm of transparent hose provided with the hunting area!